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The world is becoming a place where development cannot exist without gender equality. Gender equality is required in many aspects of life.
The Center explores the potential for change, examining the importance of gender equality, especially in the fields of work and the family.

Both women and men are no exception to the ongoing efforts towards building a world free from discrimination. Through the understanding of gender, we aim for a society that distinguishes, discriminates, and does not suppress relationships between people. From family relationships, to ordinary daily activities; while at work, when visiting people at the hospital, to even using social media, many efforts across different areas of life are being made to achieve gender equality. The Center intends to trace historical traces to examine the current situation, and to envision changes for the future.



Unfinished task, work-family balance: modern and contemporary Korean women and ‘care’

Gender inequality is a reality of oppression and discrimination that has been coupled with socio-cultural norms in historical and political structures for a long time. Among these structures, the Center focuses on areas where gender equality can be sought, focusing on family and labor through research and practice.

KOICA-Seoul National University's master's degree in gender equality

This multidisciplinary master’s degree program aims to build gender-transforming systems that can be introduced into policies in developing countries by enhancing students' understanding of gender theory and practice. The program aims to train leaders in the field of gender equality who can lead policy, cultural, and institutional changes in national development by applying gender so that they can implement gender equality programs based on theories and real-life cases in a comprehensive and systematic manner.