Migration and Integration

The international migration and integration project focuses on the numerous challenges within Korean society related to migration, as well as the issue of integration of migrants, including refugees.
Migration can be source of great benefits for the recipient country, but it is also associated with a diverse array of social issues, among which are the challenges of migrant integration. This research program incorporates field-based research on the current conditions of migrants in South Korea. We focus our research and efforts on finding better policy alternatives to address the current the status of refugees and migrants in connection with intersectoral topics such as labor, care and family.

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Care Work

We study ways to enhance the social and economic value of care work and improve the quality of life of care beneficiaries and care providers.
Through empirical research, we seek alternatives to create a sustainable care society where anyone can receive safe and high-quality care, and where its value is recognized and accounted for.

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Gender Equality

Taking into account Korea's history and social context, we seek change by identifying and analyzing the current status of gender inequality, focusing in the areas of family and labor.
Considering the structural context in which gender discrimination occurs -including Korea's- we provide measures and suggestions to achieve a more gender equal and fair society.

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