#4 Care Economy Post-pandemic: Economic Impact in Asia (10/25/2021)

#4 Care Economy Post-pandemic: Economic Impact in Asia (10/25/2021)

/소식/뉴스레터/#4 Care Economy Post-pandemic: Economic Impact in Asia (10/25/2021)
CTMS Weekly brings to you the insights and lessons shared during the 2021 Int'l Care Economy Conference to reflect on the role of care economy as we face the upcoming challenges in building back better and achieving a more equal society post pandemic.

We kick off this week’s issue with a must-watch video by celebrated economist, Nancy Folbre on her stance about care economy post COVID-19 and why economic growth itself does not deliver health and well-being, especially for fast aging economies such as Korea. Explore the insights on this challenge through this week's keynote panel discussion. This panel brings together leading experts from various international organizations and think tanks to have an in-depth discussion on the topics of:
  • Is care economy on the post pandemic agenda of international organizations?
  • With the fastest aging populations across the world, how are Asian countries responding to care needs?
  •  Can Korea become a champion for care economy?
Renown expert, Prof. Nancy Folbre talks about the redefinition of measuring metrics for economic growth post COVID-19, and the socialization of care amidst low fertility and increasing elder population. Listen to her thought-provoking keynote speech and her calling for leadership and action from Korea as a possible champion of care economy.
"Never waste a crisis, use the opportunity, let's build forward differently, let's not go back. Let's build forward in ways that actually create the conditions for men and women to express that side of themselves as caring individuals, and the kind of societies we want to create going forward."
- Caren Grown
Global Director for Gender at the World Bank

Why is care economy necessary in East Asia? What role does it play in Korea's economic future? What are the World Bank, the ADB and other institutions doing regarding care economy work?

Follow this interesting panel discussion moderated by expert Dr. Elizabeth M. King. When discussing care economy, Dr. Caren Grown shares her experience from the World Bank. She suggests 
shifting our mindsets away from the idea of 'cost' to one of 'investment', and rekindles conversations regarding the redistribution of revenue towards care. Joining us from the Korean Women's Development Institute
Dr. Young-Ock Kim points out the advantages and disadvantages of Korea's rapid response to care. She reflects on the need for quality control of care policies and services. Finally, Prof. Yasuyuki Sawada from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), makes a case for the latest trend in private financing and issuance of social bonds to support the social sector. 
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