#11 Voices of the Field (12/17/2021)

#11 Voices of the Field (12/17/2021)

/소식/뉴스레터/#11 Voices of the Field (12/17/2021)
CTMS Weekly brings to you the insights and lessons shared during the 2021 Int'l Care Economy Conference to reflect on the role of care economy as we face the upcoming challenges in building back better and achieving a more equal society post pandemic.

As we come to close our weekly newsletter series, we hope you join us in this special video, and listen to the tales of people and care across Korea. This in-house production dives into the reality of what care looks like within the Korean society, and the impact that policies have in people in a daily base. As we showcase the difficulties of care givers and workers, this issue's brief highlights the discussion among civil society activists related to care related to children, the elderly, medical care, and migrant workers and the future of care policy making.

This special feature brings forward the voices of different care advocates within Korea's civil society to help expand our scope of understanding on care. Interviews with six activists tell the stories of distinct struggles of caregiving, from the lack of an integrative care system to difficult labor conditions of care workers. Ultimately, these narratives lead to a common conclusion: care is a universal and fundamental aspect of all human life, for which we need an inclusive, responsive and integrated system that addresses the different needs of care. 

Special thank you to:
  • Mi-Jung Kang and Jeong-Duck Kim, Activists from Political Mamas
  • Joo-Sung Kang, Co-Founder and Activist of the Caregiver Citizens' Solidarity & Former President of the Health Right Network
  • Chul-Soo Kim, President of the Aesim Association of Care Providers
  • Hyun Lim Lee, First Chairperson from the National Childcare Workers' Union
  • Ji Hyeon Jeon, Secretary-General of the National Union of Long-Term Care Workers
We know that COVID-19 has increased the need for care, and more than ever, we rely on those in the frontlines of the health system, those educating our children, and those who tend to the elderly. But what support do care workers want? This brief showcases the different sides of 'care' explained by diverse care actors as well as researchers, and suggests various policies that should be prepared from now on to build a sustainable caring society.
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